Fireside Chat with Neeraj Govil

Neeraj Govil 1

Lift your head above the smoke, cut out the noise sometimes and look out to the horizon to see what is coming.’ This message from Neeraj Govil could not have been more relevant for the times we live in.

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Fireside Chat with Kapil Chopra

Kapil Chopra 1

Don’t give up on your idea, do what you believe in, keep reading, and keep travelling as experiences change you’…astute advice from someone who has walked the talk.

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Fireside Chat with Vikram Oberoi

Vikram Oberoi

Watch an enlightening Fireside Chat for valuable learnings to leaders, management, staff and students; advice to look inwards rather than outwards for problem solving, hold true to values and culture not only when it is easy but also when it is difficult, and not ask anybody to do anything you are not prepared to do yourself.

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Fireside Chat with Gaurav Bhushan

Gaurav Bhushan 1

A journey filled with humility and openness – from being a waiter to support education, to making global acquisitions and to Lifestyle hotels. Watch the ‘Fireside Chat’ with on Lifestyle brands and hotels, JVs, global acquisitions and development.

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Fireside Chat with Ajay K. Bakaya

Ajay Bakaya

Watch an insightful and candid conversation with Ajay K. Bakaya, whose 3 mantras of Sincerity; consistency and hard work; valuing our guests are precious.

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Fireside Chat with Robin Rossmann

Robin Rossmann

Watch Robin Rossmann share his  perspectives on recovery trends for the hotel industry in India and globally.

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Fireside Chat with Hari Marar

Hari Marar

Watch an interesting chat on travel recovery speed, changing patterns, sustained investments for Bengaluru airport and airport city, importance of regional airports, typical airport-city interplay, sustainability and technology as obligations & key enablers and much more.

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Fireside Chat with Puneet Chhatwal

Puneet Chhatwal

A wide ranging chat and deep perspectives on beliefs, that a synthesis of Indian hospitality, European process, American marketing methods and focus can bring out optimum results.

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Fireside Chat with Deep Kalra

Deep Kalra’s confidence on travel rebound, and appreciation of the successful ‘fight against all odds’ by India’s aviation and hotel sector is heartening. Watch our Fireside Chat on candid insights on evolving travel trends and travel recovery, as also the key relevance of demand and supply towards driving pricing and travel / stay incentive deals.

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Fireside Chat with Arun Saraf

Watch Arun Saraf, among India’s biggest hotel developer-owners share his views in an enlightening conversation on ownership, investment and development.

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Fireside Chat with KB Kachru

Mr. KB Kachru opened the Radisson batting in India, and continues to bat as they scored their century recently. Watch him talk about bringing his vision to life with his ‘Success Mantras’ to never give up on your dreams, to value the need for empathy and to dream big are invaluable lessons for personal and professional success.

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