Hotel Asset Management

Understanding of hotel strategies and management practices helps improve operational performance and add value to the asset.
We make detailed recommendations on how to improve business performance while meticulously evaluating internal processes, against best the industry can offer. Our intent is focused on improving the overall profitability by suggesting and implementing strategies to increase top line performance while simultaneously optimizing costs.
With our vast experience in risk management we also undertake risk advisory services for hotels. Risk based assessment and internal audit of hotel processes and controls helps to

  • Satisfy effectiveness of controls, and reliability of reporting
  • Identify improvement needs and potential
  • Helps identify business level / business line risks and correctives
  • Enables enhanced governance

Increasing use of systems and technology has necessitated stronger digital and cyber security measures. We have a specialized team to assess cyber security preparedness of clients and provide measures to mitigate cyber security risk.
Our approach is always to maximize the value of our client’s interests and to ensure a hotel asset is performing to the best of its ability.


  • Operational Reviews / Audits
  • KPI Analysis & Benchmarking
  • F&B & other Department Analysis
  • Optimisation of Sales & Cost Structures
  • Assist Operators with Forecasting
  • CAPEX Requirements & Investments
  • Support for Owners in Budget Negotiations
  • Digital Security Reviews and Assistance
  • Operator Search & Selection

Horwath HTL Projects